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    • POLESTAR published on May 30th, 2024, and is an Amazon bestseller!

RAE KNIGHTLY | Sci-Fi Author for Teens

Welcome to Rae Knightly's Universe, where science fiction and adventure ignite the imagination of readers of all ages. As an award-winning and Amazon bestselling author specializing in middle-grade and young adult fiction, Rae Knightly has garnered praise for her captivating storytelling.

Join the 90,000 readers worldwide who have discovered The Alien Skill Series and follow the thrilling journeys of twelve-year-old Ben Archer and his extraordinary alien friend, Mesmo, as they face great odds to save Earth. Embark on an epic hunt across the galaxy to find The Lost Space Treasure. Delve into the pulse-pounding dystopian plot of The Knowledge Seeker, which spent time beside The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner on Amazon.

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Journey beyond the stars—your adventure starts here.

  • "This riveting SF adventure will delight readers.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS

  • ”Hair-raising adventures, trials, and tribulations that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.”  — Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

  • ”I cried. I shouted. I threw the book. When you read it, you will know exactly which part I’m talking about.” — Bookerina.com ★★★★★

  • "This intergalactic diamond heist is filled with adventure, suspense, and enthralling world building." - Jessica Renwick, author of the Starfell Series ★★★★★

  • "A must-read for fans of Star Wars and space operas!" —  Mahtab Narsimhan, author of Eerie Tales from the East ★★★★★

  • "Governments agents hunting down a boy with alien powers; how cool is that!!!" — UK Wishing Shelf reader ★★★★★


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