"This intergalactic diamond heist is filled with adventure, suspense, and enthralling world building." — Jessica Renwick, author of the Starfell Series

  • Book 0 in The Lost Space Treasure Series
  • Ideal for readers aged 10-14.
  • For fans of Skyward, Daughter of the Deep, Hana Hsu and Dragon Pearl.


Every child in the Interstellar Alliance has heard the legend of The Lost Space Treasure: a hoard of exquisite gems rumored to be floating out in space, stashed away in a mysterious spaceship. Only the Exostar – the biggest, most beautiful diamond in the known galaxy – is proof of the treasure’s existence.

A visit to Exhibitus Museum, where the Exostar is kept, is a mandatory trip for all school-aged students of the Alliance. But when the Exostar is stolen right before their eyes, a frantic and greedy hunt ensues, threatening to throw the Alliance into interplanetary war. Who are the mysterious thieves? And who will find the Exostar?